Band Photography

Our main passion is concert and band photography, we offer all kinds of event photography, from live music to studio portraits. Lux Studios can help you reach your audience, If your in a band or a solo artist, then why not take the next step with a professional portfolio of photographs. Our high quality photographs can be used for just about anything, whether it be for a poster, a CD cover, your website or a stage backdrop!

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Versatile Space

The studio offers a 1,000sq/ft of versatile space .The main shooting area consists of a 5.5m wide cove with a lighting rig attached to the ceiling.

Video Production

Big ideas, slick presentation and stand-out visuals are the key ingredients we aim for on every production.

Affordable Rates

We offer fantastic rates for studio hire, at just £20 per hour or £140 per day including equipment and studio facilities.